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What is Yoga and who can do it?

EVERYONE! Those who are unfamiliar with yoga and its principles may mistakenly believe that yoga is just a series of poses practiced for health and fitness. In fact, yoga is a philosophy of well-being for the body as well as the mind and spirit. Each style of yoga has a common goal of achieving balance within the body, mind and spirit. Most classes consist of three main components: breathing techniques, poses (asanas), and meditation. Every class style is accessible to every body type and every level. Our studio's philosophy is “Yoga will meet you, wherever you are, in your individual practice”.

Our Yoga Class Offerings

Hatha Yoga; Hatha yoga is, generally, the most popular type of yoga practiced in the mainstream Western world. Hatha, is a slower-paced yoga practice/class in which poses are more static and held for several breaths as opposed to a "flow". Through the holding of poses, heat (tapas) is allowed to build throughout the body.Tapas purifies and detoxifies the body. Hatha yoga attempts to balance mind and body via physical postures or asanas, controlled breathing, and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation. Asanas teach poise, balance and strength and are practiced to improve the body's physical health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation. This class allows those who are new to yoga to become familiar with the proper alignment of the poses.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Vinyasa, which means breath-synchronized movement, is a class where each inhalation and exhalation is linked to a movement.This practice, however, does not focus on the alignment of the postures as is found more in the Hatha practice. This type of class will open and energize the entire body by flowing through a series of poses using the breath. A Vinyasa class consists of a breathing technique called (ujjayi), that aids with centering as well as flow, asanas (poses), and some form of meditation. This class usually begins with sun salutations, then moves into standing poses which help build heat, stamina, and strength. The practice finishes in long, deep twists and forward bends which aid in many things including, but not limited to, digestion as well as stretching and lengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Vinyasa flow helps calm the nervous system to create space for quietness which aids in the meditation at the end of the practice.

Vinyasa: Level 1-2 : Is a flow class which practices beginner to intermediate poses at a gentle pace. This class will allow students to become familiar with synchronizing breathe with movement. Simple yoga breathing techniques and meditation will also be a part of this practice. Class is 60 minutes long.

Vinyasa: Level 2-3 : This class will take your vinyasa practice to the next level; practicing more challenging postures and more advanced sequencing at a quicker pace. Linking every movement with breath, you will strengthen your body and mind. For intermediate to advanced students. Class is 60 minutes long.

Restorative Yoga: is the perfect counterbalance to our daily hectic lives, and even to our more energetic yoga practice!

Restorative yoga is sometimes known as the "Dessert of Yoga". Our teachers provide personal attention and adjustments to provide a comfortable and restful environment. Props are an important component of this practice. They create a stable structure to allow the body and the mind to completely release. Poses are typically held for several minutes, and it is quite natural to have long periods of silence. This not only promotes a deep relaxation but teaches quietness and stillness within the mind. This type of yoga activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which allows our heart rate to lower, our blood pressure to decrease and allows our "stress chemicals" such as cortisol to reduce. Some of the health benefits associated with RY include: stress reduction, decreased blood pressure, increased immunity, improved digestion, weight loss and an overall calmer sense of self.

Please check our website frequently for the most up to date yoga schedule as more classes will be added as enrollment increases.

If there is a specific yoga class that you would like to see offered at THRIVE such as kids yoga, yoga for teens, pre and post-natal yoga or yoga for couples contact us with your yoga suggestions.

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